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30 Finnish Christmas Songs - with sound
This holiday spin on the popular 50 Finnish Children's Songs is a Christmas treat for the whole family! This collection of Finnish Christmas songs includes the classics, ranging from silly songs about elves to traditional church hymns. Terese Bast returns with more of her fu..
35 Finnish Folk Songs - with sound
35 Finnish Folk Songs is the latest in a fantastic series of Finnish books featuring songs from Finland with recordings you can sing along to! The selections range from love songs and sea songs to songs about singing and sauna, ending with the patriotic and melancholy "Kotim..
50 Finnish Children's Songs - with sound
Learn 50 classic and current Finnish childrens' songs with this fun, colorful and musical book! Push the buttons to hear the piano accompaniment, and sing along with the Finnish words and simple melodies! The lively music and vivid illustrations promise lots of Finnish fun f..
Guovddut Juoigá - Yoiks from Guovdageaidnu
This recent release from Sámi publisher and record company DAT presents traditional yoik by 11 different yoikers. Traditional Sámi yoik is an unaccompanied, chanting style of folk music, with vocals that can be narrative or simply melodic. Yoik is the oldest form of music in..
Kalevalamittaisen runon tulkintoja
Kalevalamittaisen runon tulkintoja
Seppo Knuuttila, Ulla Piela, and Lotte Tarkka (eds)
The 89th yearbook of the Kalevala Society is a collection of Finnish-language articles exploring the current state of research, across the disciplines, on poetry in Kalevala meter. The book includes a 29-track CD of recordings of Santra Remsujeva (1914-2010), a singer of tra..
Laments from Karelia, Ingria, Finland
This CD presents a collection of Baltic-Finnish laments, ritual poetry sung by women at important life events, such as weddings and funerals. One CD containing 15 audio tracks is accompanied by an illustrated booklet in Finnish and English, providing an introduction to lamen..
Mestarin uudet vaatteet
Mestarin uudet vaatteet
August Saarinen & Vuolas Virta
August Saarinen & Vuolas Virta is a talented group of young Finnish musicians paying tribute to Finnish tango king Olavi Virta (1915-1972). Their fresh but respectful interpretations of Virta's classic and lesser-known songs do honor to his legacy by bringing his reperto..
Moomin Sewing Cards
Young Moomin fans will delight in these fun sewing cards featuring their favorite characters! The kit includes yarn, a plastic needle, and ten sturdy punched cards starring Moomintroll, Moominmamma and Moominpappa, the Snorkmaiden, Little My, Sniff, Hemulen, and Snufkin. Chi..
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