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A Grammar Book of Finnish
A Grammar Book of Finnish is a practical grammar for learning Finnish as a foreign language, with extensive coverage of morphology, declensions and conjugations - the way that Finnish words change form in use. This is an excellent reference alongside a Finnish textbook, or a..
From Start to Finnish
Leila White's From Start to Finnish is a classic Finnish for foreigners textbook, widely used in Finland, and now appearing in an updated tenth edition. From Start to Finnish is a practical, simple, and fun introduction to the Finnish language and Finnish culture, focusing o..
My First Finnish Sticker Book
My First Finnish Sticker Book
Ina Hattenhauer (illustrator)
This colorful and exciting sticker book teaches over 200 useful words in Finnish! Each scene has spaces for word stickers, which are found in the middle of the book. Use the picture clues to find the right spot for each word sticker and discover what the Finnish words are fo..
Sun suomi - Finnish for Beginners
Sun suomi - Finnish for Beginners
Kristiina Kuparinen, Terhi Tapaninen, Karoliina Kuisma
Sun suomi - Finnish for beginners is a beginning learner's Finnish language material meant for studies in both Finland and abroad alike. The book's text consists of oral and written communicative situations so you will become familiar with both spoken and written Finnish. Th..
Suomen kielioppia ulkomaalaisille
Käytännöllinen suomen peruskielioppi. Runsaasti yleiskielisiä esimerkkejä ja rakennekaavioita. Helppokäyttöinen oheismateriaali opintojaan aloittaville, oivallinen hakuteos suomea jo osaaville. ..
Tarkista tästä (Finnish rection reference)
Tarkista tästä (Finnish rection reference)
Hannele Jönsson-Korhola, Leila White
Rakastan sinut or rakastan sinua? Learning the proper word forms to combine with each verb is essential to mastering Finnish, and Tarkista tästä is the book to help you do it! Look up a verb, preposition or postposition, and this handy reference gives the correct noun cases ..

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