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Storybook Helsinki and Beyond

Storybook Helsinki and Beyond

Cody Douglas Oreck, Octavian Balea

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Explore the spirit of Finnish culture, carved in the stone of Helsinki's magnificent buildings! Author Cory Douglas Oreck, wife of the American ambassador to Finland, will take you on a stunning tour of the stories wrapped up in Helsinki's architecture. Together with photographer Octavian Balean, Oreck presents some of Helsinki's most beautiful buildings and their National Romantic, Kalevala-inspired decorative elements. Through architecture one can follow the development of Finnish identity through the centuries. This book makes a wonderful gift for Finns living abroad, as well as an excellent visual introduction to Finland.

Get a preview of the spectacular architecture featured in this large-format book with this video, from a Finnish news program. You'll hear a few words from the author and photographer in English, too!

Cody Douglas Oreck moved to Finland with her husband, the United States ambassador to Finland, in September 2009. In this bilingual book she gives an appreciative outsider's perspective on Finland, as does Romanian artist Octavian Balea, who is responsible for the book's images and graphic design.

ISBN: 9789510397398
Author: Cody Douglas Oreck, Octavian Balea
Language: English and Finnish
Publisher: WSOY
Edition: 2012, hardcover, 159 pgs

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