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An Account of the Sami

An Account of the Sami

Johan Turi

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The year 1910 marked a milestone in Sami cultural and literary history. In that year, the Sami wolf hunter and reindeer herder Johan Turi produced his Muitalus Samiid birra, the first secular book ever published in the Sami language. Turi's work is an eloquent and at times poignant exploration of Sami history, livelihoods and culture. Muitalus today stands as a fascinating and unmatched source of information regarding traditional Sami lifeways a century ago.

An Account of the Sami is the first direct translation of this work into English, presented here with translator's notes and the original illustrations that Turi produced to clarify and supplement his text. The translator, Thomas A. DuBois, is professor of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

ISBN: 9780977271450
Author: Johan Turi
Language: English
Publisher: Nordic Studies Press
Edition: 2011, softcover, 198 pgs

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