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The Night Between the Days

The Night Between the Days

Ailo Gaup

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What does it take for magic to have an effect? Can nature's forces, shaman drums, myths and symbols be pathfinders? In this novel by Sami shaman Ailo Gaup, Jon and Lajla travel to a deep, silent valley in Samiland to learn to follow their intuition and to seek internal and external teachers. As the seasons change, they experience the modern reality of Samiland, but also the healing and magical forces of nature.

The Night Between the Days is Ailo Gaup's second novel, originally published in Norwegian in 1992. Gaup has also written poetry and plays, and was a founder of the Beaivvas Sami Theatre in Norway. Translator John Weinstock is a professor at the University of Texas in Austin.

ISBN: 9780977271436
Author: Ailo Gaup
Language: English
Publisher: Nordic Studies Press
Edition: 2010, softcover, 419 pgs

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