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Wild Herb Cookbook

Wild Herb Cookbook

Sami Tallberg

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Discover and celebrate the wild herbs awaiting you in the forest, on the seashore, or your own front yard! In this artful book, author and chef Sami Tallberg gives descriptions of 59 wild plants, along with seasonal, delicious and yet simple recipes for each plant. Excellent plant identification photographs are provided by Jouko Lehmuskallio of the award-winning NatureGate website.

Finnish chef Sami Tallberg has worked in acclaimed restaurants around the globe for over a decade, gathering experience on the culinary use of wild plants. In his work he relies extensively on wild flora, and he runs his own business that sells wild plants to Finland's leading restaurants. The dishes Sami has prepared using wild plants have all been extremely popular in the restaurants where he has worked. Wild plants also play an essential role in Sami's home kitchen.

The Wild Herb Cookbook has become a favorite in Finland, and is already in its 6th edition!


ISBN: 9789522204868
Author: Sami Tallberg
Language: English
Edition: 2012, hardcover, 250 pgs

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