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The Sauna Cookbook
The Sauna Cookbook

The Sauna Cookbook

Tuula A. Kaitila and Edey E. Saarinen

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Finnish-Canadians Tuula Kaitila and Edey Saarinen explore that special Finnish brand of hospitality - sauna and food - by sharing their recipes and information about Finnish sauna in this interesting and practical cookbook. Introductory chapters explain the role of sauna in Finnish culture and early literature, as well as give tips for how to best enjoy a sauna. The following chapters offer a wide variety of recipes for Finnish family cooking, from cold salads and soups to stews, breads, desserts and even liqueurs.

ISBN: 0-9731053-5-6
Author: Tuula A. Kaitila and Edey E. Saarinen
Language: English
Publisher: Aspasia Books
Edition: 2004, hardcover, 180 pgs

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