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The Finnish Comics Society presents the best of current Northern European comics for children! The colorful and fun anthology includes imaginative contributions from Finland, Norway, Estonia and Sweden. Take a bedtime adventure on a pillow come to life, find out what happens when a girl discovers her house has been built on top of the Earth's belly-button, and enjoy a carnival brought to town by a band of friendly animals. The book features a handful of activity pages including a peek into how Aarni Korpela makes her intricate comics images out of felt!

The anthology includes the work of the following authors and artists (click for samples of their work): Mari Ahokoivu (Finland), Anna Fiske (Norway), Annika Giannini (Sweden), Aarni Korpela (Finland), AnnChristine Magnusson (Sweden), Reetta Niemensivu (Finland), Joonas Sildre (Estonia) and Ana Udovic (Sweden).


ISBN: 9789525972085
Language: English
Publisher: Finnish Comics Society
Edition: 2013, hardcover, 151 pgs

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