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Motto Sampler Coloring Book
Motto Sampler Coloring Book Motto Sampler Coloring Book

Motto Sampler Coloring Book

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This motto sampler coloring book is inspired by the Finnish tradition of "huoneentaulut" - embroidered sayings or mottos to be hung on the wall. Each single-sided page features a saying - some are traditional, such as "Oma koti kullan kallis", the Finnish equivalent of "Home Sweet Home", and some are more modern inspirational sayings, such as "Kaikki on mahdollista. Mahdottoman toteuttaminen vie vain hieman enemmän aikaa", which is to say, "Everything is possible. The impossible just takes a little more time."

Coloring these pages is a great way to learn new Finnish words and phrases, and when complete, each page can be cut out and hung up wherever a little encouragement is needed! A spiral binding means the pages lay flat for easy coloring, and with one-sided pages you can color as you like without worrying about color coming through to the other side.

Please note that the corners of this book's cover have been slightly damaged in transport from Finland, which has been taken into account with a discounted price. The coloring pages are unaffected.

ISBN: 9789526698199
Language: Finnish
Publisher: Positiivarit
Edition: 2015, spiral bound softcover, 20 coloring pages

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