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A Tasty Trip to Finland

A Tasty Trip to Finland

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Treat yourself to a tasty trip to Finland! This beautiful full-color booklet offers 36 practical and delicious recipes, giving an up-to-date look at how Finns eat the classics today. Start your journey with Finnish potato salad and gravlox, then dive into Finnish cabbage rolls, Karelian stew and pea soup. At coffee time, try savory Karelian rice pastries or sweet pulla buns and marbleized "tiger cake".

The Martha Organization, which produced this booklet, is a Finnish non-proft organization well-known for its dedication to educating the public in matters of home economics. The "Marthas" are often turned to for advice on food, nutrition, gardening, the environment, family finances and consumer issues.

ISBN: 9789529663590
Language: English
Publisher: The Martha Organization
Edition: 2010, softcover, stapled, 46 pgs

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