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Voices from Sápmi: Sámi Women's Path to Authorship
Voices from Sápmi, originally published in 1998 and translated into English in 2006, was the first doctoral thesis ever published in the Sámi language. The book considers the Sámi identity and gender system, the history of Sámi women and Sámi female authors, and the biograph..
We Stopped Forgetting
We Stopped Forgetting
Ellen Marie Jensen
In We Stopped Forgetting: Stories from Sami Americans, author Ellen Marie Jensen gives voice to the descendents of Sami immigrants, whose stories have long gone untold. During the immigration period of 1880-1940, an unknown number of Sami people left Sapmi (Samiland, "Laplan..
What We Believe In
What We Believe In
Ellen Marie Jensen
With What We Believe In, Sámi author and researcher Ellen Marie Jensen answers the need for a general reference book on the religion and indigenous beliefs of the Sámi people of northern Europe. In four chapters by several different authors, the book covers the basics of tra..

The Saami (or Sami) are the indigenous people of Lapland - northern Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. Approximately 70,000 people describe themselves as Saami, and about 25,000 speak one of the nine Saami languages. The Saami are perhaps best known as reindeer herders, but the traditional lifestyle also included fishing, trapping and sheep herding. Today, there is also a large urban Saami population. Saami immigration to North America often occured alongside Scandinavian or Finnish immigrants, and there may be 30,000 descendents of Sami immigrants in North America. Saami literature often explores Saami tradition, a history of oppression by the majority Nordic cultures, and the contemporary challenges of preserving indigenous language and culture in modern society.

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