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A Grammar Book of Finnish
A Grammar Book of Finnish is a practical grammar for learning Finnish as a foreign language, with extensive coverage of morphology, declensions and conjugations - the way that Finnish words change form in use. This is an excellent reference alongside a Finnish textbook, or a..
Cheerful Finnish-English Picture Dictionary
The wonderful illustrations in this book really do make it a cheerful picture dictionary! Learn over 1,000 useful Finnish words covering everything from animals to professions, sports to shapes and colors. Important words like foods and numbers are included, of course, but y..
Finnish-English-Finnish Dictionary
Finnish-English-Finnish Dictionary
Raija Hurme, Riitta-Leena Malin, Maritta Pesonen, Olli Syväoja
A modern, comprehensive, general use Finnish-English-Finnish dictionary, with 122,000 search words. You'll find up-to-date terminology, slang, and colloquial words, along with example sentences and common phrases. ..
Finnish-English-Finnish Pocket Dictionary
A durable and up-to-date pocket dictionary, with over 51,000 key words. While written primarily for Finns studying English or traveling abroad, this pocket dictionary also serves as a compact, handy reference for Finnish learners.   ..
From Start to Finnish
Leila White's From Start to Finnish is a classic Finnish for foreigners textbook, widely used in Finland, and now appearing in an updated tenth edition. From Start to Finnish is a practical, simple, and fun introduction to the Finnish language and Finnish culture, focusing o..
Hullunkurinen Picture Dictionary
Everything from numbers and colors to transportation, pirates and the Middle Ages is covered in this fun and colorful picture dictionary, illustrated by Mauri Kunnas with his wacky and wonderful characters. Each page is packed with exciting details and dozens of words, Fi..
Mandy and Andy Finnish-English Nature Sticker Book
Mandy and Andy are back with more fun words to learn! This Finnish-English sticker book takes Mandy and Andy on a hike, to the zoo, to the beach, and to a farm, focusing especially on animal and plant words. ..
Mandy and Andy Finnish-English Picture Dictionary
Mandy and Andy, known in Finland as Miina ja Manu, have appeared in dozens of Finnish children's books since their first ABC book appeared in 1982. In this Finnish-English picture dictionary, scenes featuring the plucky cat siblings alternate with vocabulary pages giving hun..
Mastering Finnish CD
This 2 CD set contains the audio material to accompany the Mastering Finnish textbook. Recorded by native Finnish speakers, the CDs allow you to practice your listening comprehension skills and improve your pronounciation, while absorbing vocabulary and useful sentence struc..
Matti in the Wallet
Matti in the Wallet
Karoliina Korhonen
From the author of the hit book Finnish Nightmares comes this funny and fascinating collection explaining Finnish idioms. The familiar Finnish everyman, Matti, gamely demonstrates the literal meaning of such sayings as "juosta pää kolmantena jalkana" - "to run with your head..
Sun suomi - Finnish for Beginners
Sun suomi - Finnish for Beginners
Kristiina Kuparinen, Terhi Tapaninen, Karoliina Kuisma
Sun suomi - Finnish for beginners is a textbook and CD package for beginners who want to learn Finnish. The material covers both oral and written communication so you will become familiar with both the spoken and written varieties of Finnish. The text and tasks progress up t..
Suomen kielioppia ulkomaalaisille
Käytännöllinen suomen peruskielioppi. Runsaasti yleiskielisiä esimerkkejä ja rakennekaavioita. Helppokäyttöinen oheismateriaali opintojaan aloittaville, oivallinen hakuteos suomea jo osaaville. ..
Tarkista tästä (Finnish rection reference)
Tarkista tästä (Finnish rection reference)
Hannele Jönsson-Korhola, Leila White
Rakastan sinut or rakastan sinua? Learning the proper word forms to combine with each verb is essential to mastering Finnish, and Tarkista tästä is the book to help you do it! Look up a verb, preposition or postposition, and this handy reference gives the correct noun cases ..
The Moomins Big Finnish-English Picture Dictionary
Muumien iso kuvasankirja is a beautiful Finnish-English picture dictionary featuring original illustrations by Tove Jansson. Learn colors, shapes, opposites, parts of the body, family members, and much, much more! ..

Learning Finnish can be a challenge, but quality study materials can make it an enjoyable experience and speed your progress! Back Home Books carries products from Finland to support you as you learn Finnish, with books for beginners as well as more advanced students.
Need help finding the right book? Please contact us! We love to give suggestions and would be happy to answer your questions!

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