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Kalevalamittaisen runon tulkintoja

Kalevalamittaisen runon tulkintoja

Seppo Knuuttila, Ulla Piela, and Lotte Tarkka (eds)

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The 89th yearbook of the Kalevala Society is a collection of Finnish-language articles exploring the current state of research, across the disciplines, on poetry in Kalevala meter. The book includes a 29-track CD of recordings of Santra Remsujeva (1914-2010), a singer of traditional songs and poetry from Vuokkiniemi, in Russian Karelia.

ISBN: 9789522222114
Author: Seppo Knuuttila, Ulla Piela, and Lotte Tarkka (eds)
Language: Finnish
Publisher: Finnish Literature Society
Edition: 2010, hardcover, 410 pgs + CD

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