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The Kalevala
The Kalevala

The Kalevala

Elias Lonnröt, Eino Friberg (trans.), George C. Schoolfield (ed.), Björn Landström (illus.)

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Eino Friberg's celebrated translation of the Kalevala is presented handsomly in this hardcover, illustrated edition. Friberg was born in Finland, but came to the U.S. as a child. Blind from an early age, he worked from a Braille copy of the Kalevala, and was intimately familiar with the original Finnish text, large portions of which he had committed to memory. His translation, while in verse, is more free flowing than other translations, which stick more closely to a prescribed meter. The result is a translation which is more natural, vivid, and powerful, capturing the spirit of the original and more enjoyable to read.

The book includes introductory material explaining the importance of the Kalevala and discussing the various different English translations that appeared before Friberg's work. Björn Landström's color illustrations depict humans and fantastical creatures alike with emotion and vibrancy.


ISBN: 9789511280026
Author: Elias Lonnröt, Eino Friberg (trans.), George C. Schoolfield (ed.), Björn Landström (illus.)
Language: English
Publisher: Otava
Edition: 2013, hardcover, 408 pgs

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