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22 Places You Absolutely Must See in Finland
22 Places You Absolutely Must See in Finland
Nic Cavell and Pall Stefansson
22 Places You Absolutely Must See in Finland is a photographic introduction to Finland's most important and most beautiful travel destinations. Whether visiting Finland for three days or three weeks, this book shows you the places you don't want to miss. With its beautiful p..
Finland Travel Map + Guide
Whether you're planning a trip to Finland or need a map for reference, this sturdy, laminated road map is an essential aid. The map is easy folding and includes 90 tourist attractions, giving a brief description and the location of each. One side of the map depicts northern ..
Finland: A Cultural Guide
Finland: A Cultural Guide
Pirkko-Liisa Luohenjoki-Schulman and Kaius Hedenström
Finland may be the land of a thousand lakes, but it's also the land of a thousand museums! This illustrated cultural and historical guide leads you to the best art, architecture, historical and natural sights in Finland. A chapter is devoted to each of Finland's 21 tradition..
Mondo Travel Guide: Helsinki
Mondo Travel Guide Helsinki offers an insider's view of Finland's inspiring and constantly evolving capital city! Fun new restaurants, boutiques and cultural phenomena are constantly popping up, and this guide, published by the Finnish travel magazine Mondo, takes you to whe..
Turku Neighborhoods
Turku Neighborhoods
Elina Teerijoki
If you're the kind of traveler that likes to know what it's like to live in the places you visit, this is the guidebook of your dreams! Local author Elina Teerijoki guides you through each of Turku's diverse neighborhoods, giving a description and often surprising history of..
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