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Finnish Architecture with an Edge
Finnish Architecture with an Edge
Kari Palsila and Tarja Nurmi
This beautiful hardcover book presents 18 recent projects from around the world by Finnish architects. The projects include schools, housing, churches, museums, concert halls and more: experience the Finland Pavilion at the 2010 Expo in Shanghai, the Helsinki Music Hall, and..
Glass etc.
Glass etc.
Kaisa Koivisto & Uta Laurén
"The properties of glass make it such a unique material that many designers have literally been cast under its spell." This catalogue to an exhibit at the Finnish Glass Museum illustrates and describes the relationship that contemporary Finnish designers have had to glass. S..
Eija Koski
Kuka sanoo, että himmeli kuuluu vain jouluun ja pirtin pöydän päälle? Ei ainakaan Eija Koski, joka ripustaa himmelin valkoiseen huoneeseen, keittiöön, lastenhuoneeseen, kylpyhuoneeseen, mökille ja kesäkammariin. Tiesitkös muuten, millainen on mustan himmelin koti? Himmeli..
Ivana Helsinki 15 - Coming Home
Ivana Helsinki 15 - Coming Home
Liisa Jokinen (ed.)
Ivana Helsinki is a Finnish fashion trailblazer, the first Finnish company to participate in Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. This vivid album celebrates Ivana Helsinki's first 15 years with images from every collection from 1999 to 2013. ..
Kansallispuku - Finnish National Costume book
Finnish folk costumes are detailed works of art, from embroidered bonnets to hand knit socks. Many different regions around the country have their own distinct costume, based on careful research into historical clothing from the area. This beautiful Finnish-language book is ..
Oiva Toikka: Glass and Design
Oiva Toikka's iconic glass birds are instantly recognizable, but his long artistic career has included everything from vivid ceramics and functional glass to stage sets and costumes for theatre, ballet and opera, and even textiles for Marimekko. This interesting and beautifu..
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Storybook Helsinki and Beyond
Storybook Helsinki and Beyond
Cody Douglas Oreck, Octavian Balea
Explore the spirit of Finnish culture, carved in the stone of Helsinki's magnificent buildings! Author Cory Douglas Oreck, wife of the American ambassador to Finland, will take you on a stunning tour of the stories wrapped up in Helsinki's architecture. Together with photogr..
Surrur - Make your own Marimekko
Surrur is the sound of a sewing machine happily whipping up one of these fun projects from seven Marimekko designers! Surrur - Make your own Marimekko brings an element of surprise to high design, as Marimekko designers invite you into their homes and workshops to see the..
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