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The Canine Kalevala

The Canine Kalevala

Mauri Kunnas

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Mauri Kunnas's picture book version of the Kalevala has become a classic in Finland and the US alike! Kunnas's take on the Finnish epic casts heroes Väinämöinen, Ilmarinen, Lemminkäinen and Joukahainen as wild and woolly dogs, while Louhi leads the wicked pack of wolves in the north. The Canine Kalevala is a fun way for kids to learn about the Kalevala, and will charm adults, too, with its quirky reinterpretations of classic characters and images.

ISBN: 978-951-1-327
Author: Mauri Kunnas
Language: English
Publisher: Otava
Edition: 14th printing, 2018, hardcover, 63 pgs

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