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22 Places You Absolutely Must See in Sweden
22 Places You Absolutely Must See in Sweden
Páll Stefánsson, Sarah Bowen, Eliza Reid
Gamla Stan, Uppsala Cathedral, Drottningholm, Fårö, the Tanum rock carvings. Some of these 22 places you've heard of, others are bound to be less familiar, and all are guaranteed to be great places to visit. Each destination is described briefly in words and photographs..
Lotta's Bike
Lotta's Bike
Astrid Lindgren
Lotta is tired of her tricycle and wants a bike like the big kids. But when Lotta's fifth birthday arrives and her gifts don't include a bicycle, she decides to nab the neighbor's bike and tries to take it for a ride. Lotta's cycling adventure ends b..
Moomin Coloring Book (in Swedish)
Keep a Moomin fan busy and happy with this fun coloring book, which comes complete with its own crayons! Each page includes a brief text in Swedish, which often suggests what colors to use for the picture - a fun detail for Swedish speakers or learners. But anyone,..
My First Book About Vikings
My First Book About Vikings offers children an introduction to the ancient seafaring people of the north. Short, simple text describes the Vikings' voyages east and west and their villages, ships, runes, tools, and weapons. Each page is illustrated with waterc..
Scandinavian Girl and Boy Paper Dolls
These fun paper dolls are ready to be dressed up in the traditional costumes of the Nordic countries! The book includes Finnish, Sámi ("Lapp") and Icelandic costumes, as well as Danish Læsø, Fanø, Jutland, Odense and Rømø; Norwegian Telemark, Setesdal, Hardanger and Voss; an..
Welcome to Gamla Stan!
This fantastic book for older children has an incredible amount of information about the beautiful old city of Stockholm. Illustrated with watercolors and photographs, the book retells legends and history of the city, tells about the important landmarks and museums of Gamla ..
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